Issue 12 – July 2015


TOPICS: Cameroon, Transnistria, Insurance Industry, Mediation, Divorce

Christian Chereji and Ciprian Sandu

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ARTICLES in Issue 12 – July 2015:


A Disease of will among African states: The separatist agenda of Southern Cameroon
National Council (SCNC), c. 1995-2004

Emmanuel Lokoko AWOH & Walter Gam NKWI

This article sets out to analyse an understanding of the impact of borders (both physical
and symbolic) on African states, with speciic reference to the separatist movement in former British Southern Cameroon, perpetuated by Southern Cameroon National Council (SCNC). A close understanding on how border crisis in Africa are being approached is critical especially when we consider that continuous ethnic violence in Southern Sudan which recently separated from Sudan highlights the weakness of separatism as tool in redressing identity issues in Africa. It also raises the question of whether separatism as advocated for by Southern Cameroon elites, empowers some of these African movements with the ability to sustain independent states.

Key words:
Southern Cameroon National Council, Africa, borders, boundaries, ethnicity


Transnistrian Conflict Resolution in the Context of the Ukrainian Crises

Emanuela DUMEA & Adrian-Grigore POP


The article presents a broad analysis of the Transnistrian situation in the context of the newly developed Ukrainian crises, focusing on the conflict roots and the sources for a potential conflict resolution.Then, as an exploratory study, it reveals the results of a questionnaire applied on Moldovan citizens, regarding their perception on the Transnistrian frozen conflict.

Kew words:
Transnistria, Ukrainian crises, Moldavia, conflict analysis, conflict perception.


Dissatisfied Consumers’ Complaint Behavior – From Grievances to Conflict
in the Insurance Industry


The article discusses the conflict in the insurance industry, focusing on service failure
and recovery processes in a Romanian insurance company. The Customer Complaints Management – and the associated challenges have been studied from a behavioral and also from an operational perspective in order to offer a better understanding of the potential conflict management tools that can be used in situations of service failure.The aim of this research is to offer a new and realistic perspective on the conflicts occurred between the insurance company and the policyholders emphasizing those aspects which are recurrent and specific for consumers’ complaint behavior. In Romania, especially in the insurance industry, there are only a few companies that excel at handling service failures. Through this research, there are revealed some useful insights of how a firm can implement a cohesive conflict management strategy by valuing the knowledge assets in complaint management processes.

Kew words:
insurance company, complaint, consumer, Romanian insurace industry.


Mediation: Styles Used in Cases Concerning Divorce

Dana SABĂU & Ciprian SANDU

In the last few decades, different forms of alternative dispute resolution for conlicts
between divorcing, separated or divorced couples have expanded quickly, especially for disputes concerning children. The present article is aimed at exploring how the theory of mediation styles in cases concerning divorce translates into practice in the case of Romania. Additionally, the paper wants to discover how mediators conceptualize the topic of mediation style versus the actual techniques they employ in divorce mediation. This research links divorce mediation experience with a relevant theory concerning the topic of mediation styles or style, an issue highly debated by practitioners and researchers even nowadays.

Kew words:
mediator, mediation, approach, mediation style, mediation practitioners, divorce mediation practice, mediation techniques.



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